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Queens & Studs

All of our cats and kittens are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), 5 generation pedigrees are available for all our breeding cats.


F1 Savannah

Zaharia of Spotitude aka Zahara is a super friendly fun loving F1A Savannah Queen, she plays fetch, runs on her cat wheel, comes when she’s called. She’s very social and loves meeting people.  Zaharia’s mother is from Aspen Savannahs, her father is an african serval.

Zahara is the proud mamma to our 2020 F2 boy “Zaki”

F2 Savannah

OIC Spots Junopurr of Spotitude aka Juno is an extreme F2B Savannah, she loves everything, jumping, playing, bird watching, lap sitting, running at lightning speed on her cat wheel.

❤Juno is the proud mamma to our current F3 litter born on ❤09/21/22 ❤

F3 Savannah

Lakeshore La’Wren of Spotitude aka Wreny Wren is a sweet F3C Savannah queen, she loves climbing, bird watching and playing fetch non-stop, for hours!  She’s a very mild mannered, well behaved girl, but has a habit of turning on water faucets and climbing in for a bath. Like most cats, Wren loves spending time with her family, but strangers not so much.

💜Wren is the proud momma of our current F4 litter born on Labor Day 2022💜

See photos of her other kittens here:
2021 F4 litter and 2020 F4 litter

F3 Savannah

Select Exotics Kateena of Spotitude is a sweet fun loving warm golden F3C Savannah queen. She loves running on her cat wheel, playing with wand toys, bird watching on the catio and being part of everyday family activities. Being a kitten raised during Covid times, she’s a bit shy around strangers but warms up over time.

Queen Kateena is the beautiful momma to a litter of 7 F4 kittens born 11/13/21

F4 Savannah

Savannarama Dreamfeather of Spotitude ▪︎retired is an amazing golden F4 Savannah queen with an incredibly sweet & loyal attitude that she passed on to her kittens.   In her spare time she enjoys going for walks and running on her cat wheel, which she taught to her kittens how to do from the time they could walk. 

Dreamfeather is the beautiful mamma to our 2019 F5 litter.

F5 Savannah

Spotitude’s DreamKeeper ▪︎retired is our F5 SBT Savannah. She’s incredibly sweet & loyal, follows me around everywhere.  She enjoys leash walking and loves running on the wheel just like her mom & dad taught her!   She also loves playing in water – she has a habit of turning on faucets. She sees it as her mission in life to making sure our laps never go empty. Like all are kittens she’s s very friendly with everyone. She even loves a good belly rub from strangers.


*we do Not and have never offered stud service.

F5 Savannah

Spotitude’s “Spot-A-Kiss the Conqueror” aka “Spotty” he’s a warm golden (almost orange color) brown spotted tabby F5 SBT Savannah Stud. Spotty is a very laid back & easy going F5, he enjoys long walks, car rides, playing in the ocean, climbing trees, running on his cat wheel & playing fetch. Spotty is very social, loves attention and happily greets people he encounters on his walk abouts. Spotty is out of Aspen Savannahs and Drinkwater bloodlines, his 5 generation pedigree is available.

Spot-A-Kiss is the proud dad of our current F3 & F4 litters