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Kitten 1

F4 SBT female

F3C Kateena & F5 SBT Spot-A-Kiss
DOB 11/13/2021

This gorgeous happy go lucky girl is super friendly, loves playing with toys and running on the cat wheel, she is friendly with our dog and our other savannahs. She was raised under consideration to become one of my future Queens but alas, I’ve made the decision to not increase the herd at this time. *so she available as a pet not a breeder, she is spayed.

Her price is $3,500

She comes with:
• 2 sets of FVRCP vaccinations given at 9 and 12 weeks of age
• 1 year rabies vaccination given at 12 weeks of age
• a veterinary checkup at 11½ weeks of age
• a microchip with free registration
• written kitten contract with 1 year health guarantee
• TICA registration paperwork with her microchip number on it (*will be forwarded to you upon receipt, please note TICA currently has a backlog of registration cases, I will provide you with proof of litter registration)
• Regular Deworming
• Revolution topical flea treatment
• She is spayed
“bringing home your new kitten guide”

More info on reserving her on our kittens page. Happy to answer any questions, text me Jenny at 805-801-5510.

12 week photos taken on 02/06/22:

loves playing on the cat wheel