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Available Adults

F5 SBT DreamKeeper aka Dreamer

Retired & available to the puuurfect home.

Her adoption fee is $500.

**Shipping is not available, she is looking for a home locally, within driving distance from Arroyo Grande California (on the 101 halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles)

Dreamer is extremely friendly, sweet, social, bold and definitely loves attention from everyone even belly rubs from strangers. She is a lap cat who wants to be with you, loves being petted and wants to sit on the couch & sleep on the bed with you. I am pretty confident she will immediately adapt to her new family.

Dreamers info:

  • F5 SBT Savannah
  • DOB June 13, 2019
  • She is TICA registered, I am her breeder
  • She is a smaller, compact sized Savannah, weighing in around 6½-7 pounds
  • She was spayed last year on 02/15/2022
  • She is microchipped and up to date on her vaccinations
  • Has no special dietary needs, eats canned food but mostly prefers dry food Purina Pro Plan, Purina One or Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline, she does not like raw food.
  • Has no known medical issues
  • She uses her litterbox, regular clumping litter or wood pellet litter
  • She does not mark
  • She has been harness trained, walks on a leash, likes to stop, sniff and check things out vs doing a power walk.
  • Loves getting in her cat carrier and is fine going for rides.
  • Her favorites include:
  • Running on her cat wheel, she runs on it alot, everyday
  • Bird watching on the catio
  • Jumping and playing with wand toys
  • She’s a sometimes if she feels like it fetcher
  • Watching bird videos on tv
  • She loves playing in water

She doesn’t have any notable bad habits, she just craves alot of my time and attention, which as a breeder I don’t have alot of to spare. My other cats tend to get very jealous of the amount of attention she receives.

1. She needs to have a cat wheel to run on and someone who understands she will possibly be running on it at 1, 2 and 3am. Cat wheels are indeed loud at this hour.
2. She is an indoor only cat as she would otherwise fearlessly wander far away. *a secure catio is a huge plus and currently where she spends a good portion of her day. **Not a current issue with her but you will have to be cautious of her not fearlessly wandering outside when you enter and exit your home. She will happily exit any open door.

3. You must agree to return her to me and only to me at any time and for any reason.

Kids: She’s not been around kids much but I don’t think she’d have any issues

Cats: If you have other cats, you must be willing to have the patience to slowly introduce her to your home and your other pets. This means she will need her own private room away from other cats and very gradual introductions. Even though she currently does well with our other cats, in general, introducing adult cats can often take quite awhile, sometimes with older cats it can take months, many months or sometimes it just doesn’t happen at all. You must have the patience for this. Initial hissing, swatting and such at one another should be expected, this can last for days, weeks or longer. She is a passive cat. She would also be perfectly fine being an only cat.

Dogs: She gets along well with our dog so a cat friendly dog would probably be ok right away after she realizes the dog is friendly and as long as she has a climbing tower to get away and observe.

Happy to answer any questions you have.

text me 805-801-5510